Palermo, Buenos Aires



Planetario Galileo Galileí, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina


the streets of buenos aires.


Argentina lost. A little voice inside my head goes "Oh, really?"


The only way to tell Argentina didn’t won the World Cup is because there was no major uproar and nobody yelled their lungs out at the end of that extra time. But the rest?

Honking, fireworks, chants, vuvuzelas, the whole package. People is thankful to the team for making it this far. I thought the city would be all gloomy but on the contrary, is strangely cheerful and festive.

This feels surreal, Argentinians are very sore losers, what alien species fucked up with our DNA during our sleep last night?? They didn’t blame the players, they didn’t blame the DT, and i’m surprised “Felicidades Alemania” is a TT in Argentina. People is sure the players did their best and thank them for that.

Sorry Brazil, but Argentina won where it matters. 


Argentina Independence Day 2014

Date: July 9, 2014

Location: Argentina

Tags: National Holiday, yerba mate, food, tea, drink, beverage


Shout out to my historical bro, thank you for all your worries, sacrifices, and the prettiest national flag we could have asked for even if the current one isn’t exactly the same as the original one but the idea was pretty cool, you know. And i’m really really sorry if you’re squirming in your grave for what these assholes have been doing with this country and its people, so so sorry. 

Muy buen Día de la Bandera, disfruten del feriado guachos ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Building in the Boca neighborhood of Buenos Aires, Argentina

National Geographic | March 1958